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Diana had the clouds in her eyes
and the long road lay stretched out behind
just from something she said, we've deduced that she's fine:
we're lazy things with no presence of mind

Diana, you shoot straight and true
to the southeast, we now find your arrow
its perihelion arc, in your voice rough and low:
much too good for the creatures below

but oh, Diana! no one ever writes songs for you.
well here's one. I can't fathom why no one could follow through.
oh heartbreak, oh fruitless
hard and cold now outside
you might say crooked, it's not yours to decide

Diana, is god all you need?
what lofty solitude laps at your feet?
what took from your arms all your young charges meet?
nothing earthly, no one could have seen.

well Diana she stands now on high
and she's clothed in symmetrical lines
all the laws stay the same anywhere you might find
she holds fast to the center and rides

but oh, Diana! no one ever writes songs for you.
and those crystalline orbs which once encircled and carried you
'mongst the company of stars
they have writ you a plan
you might say crooked
you are certain I am.


from The One​-​upman, released November 30, 2016




Ari Rosenfield Springfield, Oregon

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