Begging Song

from by Ari Rosenfield

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take you, let it numb you, let it peel from your eyes the unfathomable depths
and this time, for the last time, we might never be friends but it'll always be mine
and the faster you leave babe, the faster i'll follow
and ruin a good thing, one that clings like a barnacle
don't go to bed yet, forget the last time i saw you, make room in yourself for the dead

this is all i've got left, the words for one more letter
best of luck out there darlin i hope it gets better
and this time, for the first time, i'll staunch the emptiness without confusing the signs
and maybe, someday, this'll be solid, but right now i'll keep it amorphous, dishonest, still sore from the beating, still crying in corners, let the letters come take hold of me

when the circle finds its center, blasts a hole in the void you'd give limbs to forget
it's no sweeter, so much smaller than the vinegar taste of the flesh in your hands
and hungry and screaming it severs its tail, crawls free from its lecherous, homewrecking self, i'll receive naught, only pay you in questions, and cough out my final goodbyes.

but oh darlin please be kind. and don't you pay me no nevermind, but i'm begging you don't leave me here.


from The One​-​upman, released November 30, 2016




Ari Rosenfield Springfield, Oregon

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