by Ari Rosenfield

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Four tracks for the death of the sun god. Cassettes can be purchased directly from me at any of the upcoming northwest tour dates; find Ari and Her Banjo on fb for details.


released September 5, 2014




Ari Rosenfield Springfield, Oregon

"Without music, Nietszche plausibly (though falsely) said, life would be an error. But music is also the lost battlefield and graveyard of most general aesthetic theories."

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Track Name: A Learned Man
This one gesture could bring a town to its knees; and to kneel was to be whole, for the teachers spoke then of subjugation. Subjugation, then, is all I've known. She says, "I'm crooked as a jaybird, stubborn as a stone. And you can barely count, you're not the only girl I've known. I wish to eat, wish to consume - I wish to grow my strength." So I, to feed her flesh, will sever pieces of my own.

Who, then, knows what sun will shine upon his face? Well, I'm certain, now, of nothing. The only one, then, to speak of liberation - liberation, then, in rock and string. He was a soldier in your army, fond of marriage, god, and war; and I'm unkind and wanting, nothing less and nothing more. Well, the boy's without a father. Family's banging down his door. He'll spend summer in the desert with his face turned to the shore.

I've found myself calling home to you. That frontage road, dusty and cold to you. Waiting in the early morning dew, north of Elliott, again.